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Our Influencer Marketing services

We help our responsible clients succeed and do good things boldly.

We work with both independent influencers and influencer networks.

  1. Influencer Marketing
  2. Strategy & Concepts
  3. Surveys and Analyzes
  4. Implementation
  5. Events
  6. Coaching


We provide our clients with strategic planning for influencer cooperation and are responsible for our clients influencer relationships on a long-term basis.

We successfully incorporate responsible advocacy marketing into a company’s or organization’s communication and marketing strategy and business.

We are experts in social impact on social media and we effectively combine influencer marketing, public relations and social media.

Our activities are based on the humanization of communication, the involvement of influencers and their followers, and the multi-channel construction of phenomena. Our operations are always value-based, responsible and diverse.

  1. Order the Influencer Marketing Toolbox
  2. What is Influencer Marketing?
  3. How to choose an Influencer for Cooperation?
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Strategy & Concepts

We design effective and multi-channel influencer marketing strategies and creative concepts. We increase customer understanding by interacting with influencers and the desired target group.

  1. Strategy
  2. Creative Concepts
  3. Multichannel Phenomena
  4. Utilization
  5. Service Design
  6. Influencing Through Information
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We map the most suitable influencers for cooperation on the basis of values and perform multi-channel analyzes.

  1. Influencer Surveys
  2. Social Media Channel Analyzes
  3. Action Plans
  4. Ecommerce Analysis
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We create impressive and successful campaigns and phenomena on a turnkey basis.

  1. Coordination and Measurement of Influencer Cooperation
  2. Influencer Relationship Management and PR
  3. Creative Content Production
  4. Updates, Advertising and Measurement of Social Media Channels
  5. Media Work and Measurement
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PING Helsinki’s inspiring coaching offers help in implementing effective marketing and influencer marketing. Practical coaching is based on the latest research data and long practical experience. You can implement concrete coaching tips and tools right away.

“Energizing expertise that gives new insights!
“Professionalism shone. I enjoyed the different examples that grabbed and crystallized the different aspects into a whole.
“Overall, the training was really good! I got new ideas for our marketing and I think that is a sign of successful training.

  1. We tailor coaching for our clients on these topics
  2. Influencer Marketing
  3. Social Media
  4. Influencing Information
  5. Crisis Communication
  6. Social Influence in Social Media
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