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Case: Inari Fernández (Äidin Puheenvuoro) and Storytel – Long Term Brand Ambassador-collaboration

12/20/2021 - PING Helsinki

Long term brand ambassador collaboration between Inari Fernández (known for her “Äidin Puheenvuoro” -channels) and audiobook -service Storytel has been exceptionally impressive and successful. 

Making use of influencer content on Storytel’s social media channels has been  much more effective than relying only on Storytel’s own advertisement and content. 

This collaboration started in the autumn 2019 and is still ongoing. 

Results (october 2020):

  • Over 100 campaign posts on Influencer’s channel
  • Reach 1.1 million, engagement 6.79%
  • 40% of new customers has continued Storytel’s membership after a free trial  
  • 18% cheaper CPA compared to other influencer collaborations 
  • 40% of conversion came through Storytel’s own paid advertisement (using influencer’s content)
  • Potential media reach 7M 
  • Advertisement value in euros (AVE): 64,5K 
  • This collaboration has grown to a successful content creation between the influencer and the client, which has lead to significant media reach 


The goal for this collaboration was to get new customers to register for a free trial period and to continue their membership afterwards. Later this collaboration expanded to a content creation between the client and the influencer. 

What was done?

In this collaboration, the influencer created content for her own channel and some of this content was also advertised (paid) by Storytel.  

Long term collaboration between Inari and Storytel has mainly included Instagram Story-content. Inari has been speaking to her followers about her own audiobook favourites about three times per month. Every Instagram Story includes a “swipe up” link that leads to Storytel’s website and offers a 30 day free trial. The landing page is also personalized for Inari which makes it feel safe and clear for her followers.  

Instagram’s “branded content” tool is used for this collaboration. This makes it possible for Storytel to choose Inari’s content for paid advertisement. Influencer content works incredibly well on Storytel’s own channel and paid advertisement using Inari’s content has brought in 40% of the conversion. 

Storytel’s own head of marketing Pekka Paasikangas has also been very happy with this collaboration: 

“I’ve been happy with the results. The collaboration has been coordinated very well by PING Helsinki and they have saved me a lot of time and effort.” 


  • Long term collaboration pays off 
    • being part of the influencer’s life
    • followers are expecting for more to come
    • strengthens customer relations 
    • grows with the influencer
  • Make use of influencer content 
    • paid advertisement 
    • newsletters
    • social media content
  • Collaboration has expanded to successful content creation
    • Storytel Original: Lapland speaking -podcast 1 & 2 and Christmas extra
    • new theme in the spring 2022 


Long term collaboration based on content creation has developed to a product and service design between the client and influencer. Lapland speaking by Inari Fernández -podcast was launched in November 2020 as a part of Storytel Original -series. Collaboration is still ongoing. 

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