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Case: Ruokaboksi – Long-term influencer collaboration

01/14/2022 - PING Helsinki

Ruokaboksi and PING Helsinki started their long-term influencer collaboration at the beginning of 2021. Dozens of macro and micro influencers were used during the year and the results of this influencer collaboration have been incredible while supporting Ruokaboksi’s objectives and set goals. The chosen social media channels for this collaboration were Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and blogs. Influencers have also been creating native advertising. Collaboration continues in 2022. 

Results of March – November 2021:

  • Total reach: 1 172 561
  • Number of influencers: 60+
  • Instagram reach: 899 497
  • Facebook reach: 145 737
  • TikTok reach: 96 642
  • Youtube reach: 27 591
  • Blog reach: 3 094
  • Influencer native advertisement reach Facebook: 1 324 317
  • Influencer native advertisement reach Google: 217 210

Set goals:

The main goal set for this collaboration was to activate Ruokaboksi’s target audience and increase brand awareness and sales through influencers. By choosing the right influencers we were able to maximize brand awareness and visibility while supporting Ruokaboksi’s own marketing and communications strategy. 

What was done? 

  • PING Helsinki created an influencer survey and the collaboration started with a two month pilot campaign 
  • After receiving amazing results, the influencer collaboration continued throughout the whole year and is still ongoing 
  • PING Helsinki keeps track of possible influencers for this ongoing collaboration for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and blogs
  • Throughout the year there has also been multiple influencer to influencer PR packages and giveaways on influencers own channels
  • Different influencers with different audiences have been used for this collaboration to maximize brand awareness, visibility and to increase sales 
  • This strategy supports Ruokaboksi’s own communications – influencer marketing being a solid part of their other marketing measures

Tips from Ruokaboksi:

  • Long-term collaboration with PING Helsinki guarantees success and quality in influencer marketing
  • Being courageous and experimenting is the best way to find out what works and what doesn’t 
  • Agile decision-making is easy when it’s based on analysing results 
  • Consistency is the key 
  • Influencer marketing develops and changes fast; we must keep up


During this successful long-term influencer collaboration, we’ve been able to achieve Ruokasboksi’s set goals and reach people all over Finland. We’re happy to say that PING Helsinki and Ruokaboksi are going to keep working together in 2022. 

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