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Latest Trend: Service Sesign with Influencers

palvelumuotoilu vaikuttajien kanssa

By combining service design and influencer marketing it is possible to engage your target group into developing your business. We offer service design lead by influencers in cooperation with Embassy of Design.


Influencer is a shortcut to your clients

Imagine that you get feedback concerning your new service idea from a thousand customers in only one day. Imagine that you get hundreds of users for your service an hour after the launch. Imagine that the clientele of your service exists even before the service has been created.

Instead of developing our services behind closed doors and launching only the final product, the bravest companies design their services together with their clients in a transparent way.

Starting June 2019 PING Helsinki and Embassy of Design bring developing the business into a whole new level: service design with blogger and vlogger influencers. The influencers serve as both representatives of their own followers as well as  important messengers between companies and consumers.

This is how service design with influencers works:

Typical service design process with influencers takes approximately 1-3 months.


  • 1. Setting goals
2. Kick-off with the team 3. Deepening the user understanding 4. Concepting the service 5. Piloting with real customers
Everything begins with a two-hour long meeting where we set the goals and the timetable for the project. We also map the influencers suitable for the company. Kick-off lasts half a day and it’s a meeting where we walk through the whole service design project with the company and the selected influencers. In the kick-off we brainstorm creative and efficient ways to execute the next steps of the project. What do your customers want? The service design begins with deepening the user understanding with the help of the company’s existing data and the user mappings made by the influencers. In the day-long workshop we develope new service solutions and/or create improvements for the existing services listening the needs of the users. Both the representatives of the company and the influencers participate in the service. The ideas can be prioritized either among the participants or with a public vote executed by the influencers. At the end of the project we test how the service will perform in the real world. We create a prototype based on the chosen service solutions and we test it with the real-life customers. During the piloting we test the functionality of the solution, collect customer feedback and prioritize the most important features of the service.


 Benefits for the company:

  • Develope the service selection or product together with the influencers chosen by PING Helsinki
  • Involve the followers of the selected influencers as a part of the design process
  • Map the customer journey of the target group related to the product or the service and notice the need for the critical additional services or product developement
  • Design the product or the service as attractive as possible taking into account the needs and wishes of the target group
  • Market and raise the interest of the target group towards the product or the service already during the design process
  • Execute the influencer marketing campaigns for the finished product or service in the channels of the influencers participating in the project

Sounds interesting? Get in touch with us and let’s agree a meeting. You can also find out about our additional services here.


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