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“Jesus of Memes” has it all figured out – Foom Pro 18.5.18


Foom Pro took place on Friday 18th May 2018 at Korjaamo, Helsinki. The event was designed to cater the needs of marketing and media professionals by offering speeches on digital video. Gavin McGarry from Jumpwire Media shared his insights in his speech “Understanding Digital Video.” 

It´s personal, baby

According to McGarry, the future of digital storytelling can be compressed in a few simple principals: interactivity, going live, and humaneness. Going live on any social media channels will help you gain attention of your target audience, says McGarry. It also increases interactivity in your channels, helping you to build a relatable brand image. Like McGarry points out, the most successful brands in YouTube, Twitter and Instagram are people. This is why humour, responsiveness and down-to-earth communication will make people view your brand as accessible and hence, interesting. 

As a concrete example of the importance of interactivity Mcgarry points out YouTuber Pewdiepie, who has grown his 62,980,382 people following  (as of 31.5.2018) hugely by actively answering people’s comments on his videos. If “Jesus of Memes” could do it – so can you. 

The future is SoLoMo

According to McGarry, the digital ecosystems of tomorrow are designed with these three key descriptives in mind: Social, Local and Mobile. People will use their phones more and more. The consumers are also moving from the audience economy to the fan economy, that is from passive to engaged. They are no longer happy with merely receiving carefully crafted brand messages in commercials by the bus stop, but want to take part in the brand vision by shifting it towards something they can stand behind of on social media.

Besides the overall future views, McGarry offers in his speech concrete tips on creating and boosting your brand image in the digital environments. Here are a few of them:

1. Microboost your videos 

Make multiple versions of videos with the same theme/message and invest a small amount of money to boost all of the options on social media. Follow the statistics on which ones of the options take off. Then make a second round by investing only on the ones that were successful during the first round.

2. Go 80/20

In this classic principle 80% of the content in the brand channels should not be directly related to the brand, but correspondent to the interests of the target audience. Only 20% of the content on the channels should speak of the brand itself. By producing content according to this principle you will be able to maintain brand communication that is not considered to be intrusive or mainly focused on pushing the brand agenda to the consumers. 

3. Native video upload

Major social media platforms hate content linked to a rivalling social media platform, says McGarry. That is why it is important to always natively upload videos to the platforms – otherwise your content will most likely not be seen by many people.

4. Put a face on the first 3 seconds of the video

This will remarkably affect the skip-rate of your videos. Faces bring the humanness to the video, which will make it more interesting, as explained before. 

Picture: Tuula Turunen

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