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Human-to-Human – The new Norm of Marketing


Social media has changed marketing communication radically in the past few years. And, because of that, almost every business is now making an effort to include content marketing in the mix. 

Ever-growing mass of content has led to a badly saturated market filled with less-than-perfect business blogs and social media content, thus leaving it more laborious to stand-out from the rest. 

As a marketing professional, I have noticed my social media feed filling up with content that all looks and feels the same. What business communication needs is real-life stories, friendly faces, and interesting personalities that not only enrich the content but offer exciting points of view, as well. 

The time of polished product jargon is far behind us. With that, the safe-bet content production will slowly wither away. And, because I’m nice, I’ll tell you this: the polished content will not help you reach your sales targets.


How to steal your target group’s attention?

Personal branding might be a curse word for many, but no one can deny its efficiency – using people as brand ambassadors is a proven tactic. In fact, several studies show that corporate communication is now in recession and, thanks to social media, human-to-human communication is more relevant and intriguing than traditional corporate communication. in case your company doesn’t have a “brand” of its own, it’s ok to look for an ambassador outside of your company. 

Whether a fashion or a business blogger, teenage or adult vlogger, different kinds of influencers are significant media and opinion leaders for all of us. Nielsen’s global study has revealed that 77% of people are ready to try a publicly recommended product or a service. 

Also, influencer marketing is already the most important way of marketing for various B2C–brands, as told by the marketing decision makers.

Now also the B2B companies have the opportunity to reach their target groups by using influencers. The new marketing tactic is authentic, transparent, and compelling. But remember, when considering doing a co-op, choose an influencer who shares the same values as your company does.

How does it work?

In a typical campaign the influencer creates a post or posts about a product. They will then share their thoughts on the product in a chosen channel like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or a blog. 

Well executed influencer marketing affects the way people see the product and think about the product, as well as how likely they are to buy the product. Influencer marketing is still underutilized amongst B2B–brands.

With these thoughts, I would like to challenge the marketing decision makers to break the norm and consider using new ways to market their products – The human to human way. 

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