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How to Survive Social Media without Exhaustion


Why do I end up in the middle of a shit storm when I just want to do good? Jenni Rotonen shared 5 tips on how to survive! 

An increasing amount of social media influencers and content creators have recently started to use their channels to address societal topics. However, unfortunately many of those who want and dare to speak up and use their channels for good might end up as targets of inappropriate comments, harassment, stalking and even bullying. 

According to Jenni Rotonen, who is known from her Pupulandia blog and has years’ worth of experience as a social media professional, in the world of social media we all live in the middle of constant pressure. More and more people are expecting influencers to take a stand and use their power for something important. “One wishes for one this and the other one something else – no matter what you do, there’s always someone who is unhappy and irritated. And on the other hand, constructive conversation can also be exhausting when you do it on a daily basis with tens, hundreds or even thousands of people you don’t know.”

What are the things social media influencers should take into account in their day-to-day work? And how can you survive in the middle of contrasting expectations, the numerous comments and social media storms without burning out? 

Take note of Jenni Rotonen’s 5 tips on how to survive social media storms and avoid the exhaustion! 

  1. Consider, how will you deal with criticism – Often a common reaction to receiving criticism is that we defend ourselves and raise our spikes like a hedgehog. But what if next time you get criticised, you’d carefully consider if there’s something you can learn about the situation? Or even grow as an influencer or as a person as a consequence? Also keep in mind that even if people expect instant replies and reactions, all influencers have the right to change the tone of conversation towards a slower pace where you can really think through your answer and get back to the topic later on. 
  2. Choose your battles – Carefully think about the kind of relationship you want to create with your followers, and use that to narrow down the conversations you will get on board with or are willing to address. Remember, that everyone has the right to choose what are the topics they address, which conversations to be involved in and who will you give time and space for in those conversations. 
  3. Professional guidance – Working in social media can be very lonely at times. Rotonen encourages influencers to create little networks and favour ‘professional guidance’ walks and phone calls, as well as active communication. Sometimes if you’re in the middle of a social media storm, the objective views, understanding and peer support from colleagues can really help. 
  4. Stay true to yourself – Talk about the things that are important and meaningful to you. Keep in mind that nobody should talk about or address topics that are out of your comfort zone or you don’t want to get involved in. Stay true to yourself and the topics that you truly are interested in yourself! 
  5. Own wellbeing first, always – Own wellbeing requires a lot of narrowing down when it comes to time, topics of conversation and sometimes also the ability for followers to comment. Remember, that you and your own wellbeing always become first, also in the occasions when a social media storm has hit the fan. 

Rotonen’s top tip for social media influencers: 

Let’s remember our responsibility and view it from an objective perspective. Ultimately, when social media influencers and their viewpoints are the topic of conversation, that is a clear sign that influencers truly have an impact. 

This article is based on Jenni Rotonen’s talk during a PING Helsinki webinar targeted towards social media influencers and content creators on 15.4.2021. The virtual event addressed the societal role of influencers and the harassment and social media storms they face, and how to survive them. The event was made possible by Someturva and Vastuullinen Lahjoittaminen ry. 

Recording of the event in Finnish is available here.

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