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Gaining competitive Advantage through connecting on an Emotional Level


April’s PING Studio was a special one as it was also PING Festival 2018 pre-party. Now there is less than a month to go before the leading influencer marketing conference in Northern Europe takes place in 8th of May. Theme of the event, how to make a difference with human-to-human marketing, was a very current one as 2018 has been said to be the year of H2H marketing. 

Empathy as an asset

PING Studio’s keynote speaker Katri Saarikivi, a cognitive neuroscientist from University of Helsinki, talked about empathy, interaction and a human-centric future of work. In the core of today’s business world are people – the better you are at understanding others, the more competitive you’ll be as a business. While machines may bypass people in terms of reasoning, memory and attention, empathy, creative thinking and learning ability are areas of cognition people should focus on, as those are the areas in which the machines simply suck.

Empathy is the key determining element when predicting a team’s success. In the future ways of working the quality of interaction becomes increasingly important and emotional connection among team members is interrelated to better results. And the best part? Empathy is a skill that can be practiced, and it doesn’t take much – just attention, motivation and meeting of new and different people.

It’s all about emotions 

Emotions are behind great campaigns, too. Anne Fredriksson was telling about Pelastusarmeija’s success story with “Auta ihmistä” fundraising. The idea of the campaign was to point out that as life is coincidental, anyone might face bad luck. The secret behind the fantastic launch campaign built almost completely pro bono was its appeal to emotions and the ability to raise empathy. 

Senior Digital Manager Matti Markkola from Fazer showcased their “Pieni pala Suomea” project. In the campaign Fazer asked Finnish people living abroad what in Finland had a special place in their hearts and what they missed the most from Finland. As a result, the fully digital campaign focused on real memories and feelings gathered people all around the world to share their personal stories. 

Normal is more “in” than ever

In the Q&A session social media influencers discussed about trust, understanding and communications between the influencer and their followers. Inari Fernández hosting “Äidin puheenvuoro” channel in YouTube talked about how  people are nowadays interested in original content that they can identify themselves with. Neutral has become boring in terms of marketing, and authenticity is the leading way to create emotions and engage the audience.

There is something to remember when creating content or thinking about starting a channel – do what you want and tell your story your way, since being yourself is your most valuable advantage.

Want to learn more? PING Festival 2018 will feature numerous lectures and discussions about the latest trends of digital H2H marketing. Read more about the event here and secure your spot soon – the amount of the tickets is limited! 



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