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There is this Business Event in Finland where Attendees get to Network in a Sauna


You can’t escape sauna culture in Finland. It’s an international stereotype that Finns spend a lot of their time in the sauna. It’s funny ‘cause it’s true. There are only 5,4 million Finns but 3,3 million saunas, which gives you an idea of the importance sauna has amongst the Finns. It’s a part of a healthy lifestyle, and it’s a tradition. But mainly – it’s totally normal.

But have you ever been to a professional conference where the casual opening event took place in a sauna spa?

PING Helsinki is already known for mixing up the business scene with bright colors and dress-code free conference events and putting creativity and fun back into business gatherings that have a reputation of becoming redundant. This year, PING takes it to a whole new level with a truly Finnish sauna experience for all international guests.

Sauna in a business environment is not entirely unheard of. Companies famously have office saunas for meetings and afterwork sessions alike – they say that everybody is equal in the sauna. Changing the setting also changes the mood. Anybody can arrange networking events in meeting rooms or throw a party, but integrating this essential part of business into an evening of tradition and modern lifestyle merged while showing off the best side of the host city creates a uniquely laid-back atmosphere for the participants!

PING Helsinki is inviting all international influencers and business guests as well as speakers to join in a truly Finnish evening at Löyly – a unique wooden architectural masterpiece by the seaside. The building runs on sustainable energy and serves only organic food in the restaurant, representing another aspect of the Finnish way of life.

Heat up in one of the three different saunas, enjoy a drink on the terrace or by the fireplace and get to know your fellow PING attendees! Our early bird offer ends 28.2. – join the sauna evening and get your ticket today!


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