We offer inspirational trainings and concrete workshops on how to benefit from influencer marketing and social media. All our trainers are leading experts on the topic in Finland. 

Our topics include

  • How to benefit from social media in business 
  • How to build our social media channels as part of the brand identity
  • How to get results from influencer marketing
  • This is how Generation Z communicates 
  • Influencer marketing in B2B business

You can order a trainer for your event, organize a tailor-made training for your own personnel or register to our recognized PING Academy – a series of trainings on influencer marketing.  

Our trainers include inspirational professionals on social media and influencer marketing, e.g. Inna-Pirjetta Lahti, and Varpu Pöyry.

Social media to support business

This inspiring coaching increases understanding of the possibilities of social media channels and encourages the diverse use of social media with hands-on examples. The coaching covers the following themes, among others:

  • How to get the most out of existing channels
  • Make your voice heard in the flood of messages
  • Create a community, not an audience
  • The 3 golden rules of social media
  • Improving content production
  • What works in social media in 2020
  • Communicating difficult topics

Building brand identity in social media

In this workshop, you get to perfect your social media channels down to the last detail. You will learn to leverage social media as a showcase to the core of your brand and harness the growth of analytics as fuel. The most important topics you will learn:

  • Add and activate followers
  • Efficient production and automation of posts
  • Visual look and narrative style
  • Use of hashtags and native tools
  • Significance and length of livestories
  • Making a publishing plan
  • The main analytics tools

Varpu Pöyry

Varpu Pöyry is the strategist and data wizard of PING Helsinki. Varpu’s areas of expertize are data and analytics combined with creative storytelling.

In her trainings, Varpu naturally combines the latest information and researches to her own experiences. Varpu herself has a strong social media community with over 22 000 people, which she built only in two years. 

Inna-Pirjetta Lahti

Inna-Pirjetta Lahti is the pioneering influencer marketing expert in Finland and a creator of inspirational events and experiences.

In her trainings, Inna-Pirjetta brings up her strong expertise in an inspirational and rousing way. She combines concrete examples of previous cases to latest trend and signals of where the industry is heading. 

What the participants have said

Energizing knowhow that will give you new insights!

You could really see the professionalism. I enjoyed the variety of different examples that really helped me to absorb every detail and put them together to form a complete understanding.

If you want to be inspired by influencer marketing, you need to order a tailor-made presentation from Inna-Pirjetta.

Our concrete training bring the knowhow straight to your company.

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