April’s PING Studio was a special one as it was also PING Festival 2018 pre-party. Now there is less than a month to go before the leading influencer marketing conference in Northern Europe takes place in 8th of May. Theme of the event, how to make a difference with human-to-human marketing, was a very current… Lue lisää
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PING Festival 2018
On Christmas vacation I indulged myself with the popular series The Crown. It offers both an interesting peek into the court life and a review of recent history and development of the media in the last 70 years. It also offers insight on how we’ve been able to utilize influencer marketing for quite some time. Despite… Lue lisää
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PING Helsinki on riippumaton, koko vaikuttajamarkkinoinnin toimialan yhdistävä sarja tapahtumia sekä yhteisö, jonka rikkaus on erilaisissa näkökulmissa ja niiden törmäyttämisessä.