augmented reality
In the first PING Studio of 2018, we took a deep a dive into the art of storytelling in augmented and virtual reality. The keynote speech of the event was presented by Zoan’s CMO Laura Ala who covered the question in all of our minds; what should a marketer know about AR and VR? Is… Lue lisää
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Augmented Reality Arilyn AR
Simply put, most likely yes. It has been predicted that Augmented Reality will become the next big mass media in just few years. It will be everywhere like the Internet itself and change profoundly the ways we humans work, consume and use the urban space. Augmented Reality moves people The great thing in Augmented Reality… Lue lisää
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PING Helsinki on riippumaton, koko vaikuttajamarkkinoinnin toimialan yhdistävä sarja tapahtumia sekä yhteisö, jonka rikkaus on erilaisissa näkökulmissa ja niiden törmäyttämisessä.