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This is why you should be at PING Festival 2018


“The most dangerous thing in life is playing it safe.” -Casey Neistat

It is almost time for another round of PING Festival – the maddest, most fabulous and magical event of the year. The event where every avocado loving millennial is made feel like the most special of unicorns. Well, actually PING Festival is not at all only for the younger social media generation, but for us all playing in the fields of influencer marketing. I mean, at the previous festival I even found myself in the bathtub with a handsome older gentleman (no, not in a romantic way you little pervert, don’t get me wrong now – I’m just trying to say we all really go together like peas in a pod, from all ages and places of the world.)

Well, I should really get my thoughts together and get to the point. Apologies for the rambling – it really is Friday afternoon and I cannot help it. And then there’s that #avotoast craving, so you gonna have to try stick with me now.

So, PING Festival. How to best describe it? Imagine combining Silicon Valley with Coachella and you get pretty close to what we have created over here in the cold north – PING Festival is already the biggest influencer marketing event in Europe. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out. I mean, just check out this video from last year.

PING Festival is the only event in Europe where over +800 marketing professionals and the most influential content creators from Finland and all over the world are brought together in an extraordinary setting. Its comprehensive seminar program and hands-on parallel sessions scan the future and trends of influencer marketing. It is a unique education and networking event tailored to Social Media influencers in all branches, organized in Helsinki, Finland on Tuesday 8th of May 2018.

The event will offer you a wide selection of keynote speakers and experiences of content marketing under five themes: transformation, content, emotions, quality, and trust.

5 reasons you want to be there:

  • Well-known international speakers with stories that inspire you to think bigger
  • Comprehensive insight into the future and trends in content and influencer marketing
  • Learn the secrets of how your colleagues alike have created successful careers through influencer marketing on both sides of the table
  • Tangible tools for taking your work to the next level
  • Opportunities to network with your peers, idols, and brands

And the most magical thing of all is that thanks to PING Festival, I get to live life on my own terms. The inspiration and lessons that follow the event can cause a shift in one’s mindset. A shift that moves us to go dare live the life we used to only dream about. 

Find more information and get your ticket here!

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