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“The Human Aspect of Digital Media is one that I truly believe in” – An Interview with Nick Westergaard


PING Festival 2018 is the leading digital Human 2 Human marketing event in Europe. The Festival program offers a wide scale of informative and inspiring talks from digital marketing experts around the world. The program is divided in 5 different theme Streams: Content, Transfomation, Emotios, Quality and Trust.

Content Stream showcases the most jaw-dropping stories and results achieved with good  storytelling and strategy. The keynote speech for Content Stream will be given by Nick Westergaard, chief brand strategist at Brand Driven Digital, the author of Get Scrappy: Smarter Digital Marketing for Businesses Big and Small, an international in-demand speaker, and a podcast host.

We had the chance to interview Nick regarding his participation in our festival program.

What made you want to speak at PING Festival 2018?

The human aspect of digital media is one that I truly believe in. And from what I’ve heard from Inna and other speakers that have been to PING — like my good friend Ann Handley — no other event captures that aspect. Many events seek you out, however, this is one that I’ve proactively wanted to be a part of for several years. I’m glad our schedules aligned in 2018 so I can join you all at PING 2018 in Helsinki!

What is your promise to the people coming to hear your keynote at PING Festival –  what kind of knowledge or inspiration will you offer?

My promise to my audience is to unpack brand building in our crowded, distracted digital world in a way that’s meaningful to everyone. I’ll share the seven dynamics that are key to building a standout brand in the digital age. I always promise that the audience will learn, laugh, and leave with ideas they can implement right away.

Why is human to human marketing the future of marketing in your opinion (or is it)?

It is! The first dynamic I’ll talk about is creating a brand with meaning. In spite of technology we’re still looking for connection and meaning. Brands have to understand the human to human aspect of marketing to forge strong connections with their audience.

Tell the story of your career in a single paragraph.

Presumably you’ve read my short bio here.

My career in a single paragraph? I started my career literally in the mailroom — working in direct marketing for an educational publishing company. From there I rode the wave as direct marketing was transformed by digital marketing. After working in corporate marketing, I started a branding and digital marketing consulting company and began teaching at the University of Iowa. I speak at conferences and corporate events throughout the world and have written two books — Get Scrappy and Brand Now. At the end of the day, whether I’m writing, teaching, speaking, or consulting, it all comes down to one mission — I help people solve problems with branding and marketing to unlock growth.

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