PING Helsinki has a network of almost 2000 influencers both in Finland and internationally. We do not represent only a specific group of influencers but welcome all influencers to join us – from all channels, networks and industries!

We offer you coaching, experiences and cooperation events in Finland and overseas alike. We create opportunities to develope yourself professionally and develope the field together.

In our events influencers can meet each other as well as marketing executives. 

We believe, that successful influencer marketing requires WIN-WIN-WIN-combination, in which the cooperation is executed on the terms of the influencer, according to the goals of the company and serving the audience. We require all of our influencers to engage to the principles of the PING Ethics -code.  

By filling out the influencer poll you can order invitations to our events and influencer bulletin, which will tell you the latest news by us and our partners about once of twice every two months – for your eyes only!


Influencer, join us!

What is influencer marketing?

What is influencer marketing in practice?

Click here into our article that will help you to get a hold of the basics!

PING Ethics helps you in commercial collaborations!

It is crucial that influencer marketing is transparent, reliable and fair.

PING Ethics helps you when you create commercial content into your own channels!

Ten Commandments for a reliable influencer

1. State clearly what is your opinion and what is true, or a fact.

2. Choose your topics and partners carefully.

3. Communicate commercial collaborations clearly.

4. Only use reliable sources.

5. Check your facts.

6. Think for three seconds before sharing anything.

7. Get to know the entire content before sharing.

8. Assess if the images are authentic or if they have been edited to modify the truth.

9. Fix your mistakes.

10. Report false information.