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How to get more Collaborations on Social Media


On what criteria do brands pick influencers to collaborate with? How to get more exciting collaboration opportunities at social media, especially Instagram?

We’ve listed our best tips to help you stand out from the crowd and maximize your opportunities for commercial collaborations!

1. Define your niche and post content on themes you would like to do collaborations as well

What are your interests? On what topics do you feel you have something to say? Posts content on themes you would also like to collaborate on. For example, if you are an adventurous traveler, high-quality pictures from your trips can arouse interest in travel companies.

If you want collaborate with your favourite brand, show it! By using relevant hashtags and tagging the brand you can show you are interested in them. When choosing an influencer brands are more likely to pick an influencer who has already shown interest towards them and their products or services.

Also highlight your own values ​​that you want to represent in your content. For a collaboration to be natural and successful, the values ​​of the company and the influencer should match. For example, if you are all about eco-friendliness, working with a fast fashion company wouldn’t be that believable and would also harm your own brand.

2. Be genuine and focus on your own thing

Social media has made it possible for any of us to share anything with the whole world. More and more people are dreaming of becoming a content creator and commercializing their own channel. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

While it’s good to keep up with the latest trends, features of social media channels or even TikTok dances, the most important thing is to focus on your own thing. Don’t be afraid of bringing out your own personality. According to our research, the personality of the influencer is the main reason why they are followed in social media.

3. Put effort on the quality of your content

We asked Finnish companies what they thought were the most important criteria in choosing an influencer – quality content became the clear number one.

By working hard on the quality of your content, you can show your potential partners that you are a professional content creator. Your previous posts serve as work samples of what the company can also expect from a commercial collaboration with you.

4. Start making videos

Why? Here are three reasons.

1) If a picture says a thousand words, a video says at least a million. With the help of the video, the collaboration can also become more diverse and comprehensive. Via video you can easily bring out your personality as well.

2) Videos help you engage more. Videos are fast, effective, and enjoyable ways to consume content. An interesting video captures attention more easily than just an image or text.

3) According to our research, YouTube is the media for everyone: all age groups, from children to the elderly, spend time on it. Newcomers to the video platforms TikTok and Twitch have also grown in popularity, especially among young people. Check them out if you want to stay on top of trends!

5. Be active and keep growing your follower count

Post regularly and be active. By actively commenting on other people’s content and participating in the discussion, you will gain visibility on your own channels too.

Be bold to try something new too: new channels, new content types, and new narrative formats. Only by experimenting will you find out what kind of content your followers love.

Regularly monitor the data of your channels so you know what works and what doesn’t.

6. Take care of your followers

From a company perspective, the most important thing in influencer marketing is the target audience: does the company reach the desired audience through your channels? Who are your followers and how committed are they?

In general, quality is more important than just the number of followers or reach. So take care of your own community! Always reply to comments and messages you receive, keep the conversation going. This way, you get to build a closer relationship with your followers and you became almost like a friend to them.

The more committed and loyal your audience is, the more valuable it is from a company perspective as well. A recommendation from a familiar person is much more effective than a company’s own marketing communications.

Also, a positive reputation among your followers will attract more people to your channels.

7. Be proactive

Contact actively interesting brands and suggest a collaboration. Remember to highlight what you have to offer to the company and why they should work with you.

Picture: Eino Nurmisto

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