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#HelsinkiSecret Residence – Unique Experiences in the Heart of Helsinki


Cooperation with DMOs and influencers has shifted from traditional media visits with tight schedules into trips where influencers really get to experience the destination. It also challenges influencers to find their own path through the city, explore and post things that they really find interesting. This idea is the inspiration behind the #HelsinkiSecret Residence.

The concept #HelsinkiSecret Residence was launched by Helsinki Marketing at the beginning of January 2016. We wanted to create a fresh concept for influencers to enable them to have more live like a local –experience than on a normal press trip. We wanted to give them the time to explore and find secrets that life in Helsinki conceals beneath. We wanted to offer something different and unique for influencers who are obviously very significant for us. The concept is for us a convenient way to generate a flow of interesting, personalized social media content to use in our marketing. Throughout the project we have also realized in how many different ways people can approach the city.  

Talented guests visit Helsinki every week

The #HelsinkiSecret Residence welcomes quality influencers, bloggers, instagrammers, freelance journalists and other new media professionals from all over the world to experience Helsinki in their own way. The residence is open all- year round and we have had amazing guests on a weekly basis since we started the concept.

We want give our influencers a chance to get to know the city at their own pace and meet the locals with same interests. Throughout the project and with our amazing partners we have managed to get the guests in touch with the influential locals, started great conversations and ideas for further collaboration. We will help our guests with all they need, but we won’t be stepping on the way.

Perfect set for a great story

We want that our influencers enjoy their stay and that everything works smoothly during their visit at the #HelsinkiSecret Residence.

We offer influencers an accommodation of 3 to 6 days at the beautiful Marimekko-designed apartment at Aallonkoti in the heart of Helsinki. We also provide a food bag with local goods, public transport passes and Pelago bicycles to use during their stay. In addition, we provide all our guests with a Helsinki Survival Kit that contains suggestions for great experiences, restaurants, museums and a lot more to make sure that they can get the most out of their visit. Of course, our guests do not have to use their survival kits; they are free to plan their own week without the pressure of having to run from one place to another.

The new brand concept behind the #HelsinkiSecret Residence

Behind the #HelsinkiSecret Residence –project is the new marketing strategy and brand concept of the city of Helsinki. Our goal is that in the future Helsinki is known especially from its influential people, powerful acts and encounters. We want people to know that Helsinki really is a great city in which to work, study and invest. The perfect way to spread the word is to bring talented and influential people to visit us.

With our amazing partners we have been able to create something different and unique –a special way for our influencers to get to know Helsinki and Finland.

The #HelsinkiSecret Residence project has been a great success so far, having reached more than 100 million people already during the year 2016. Most residents have been extremely active and have generated amazing content about Helsinki. We are delighted with the feedback we have received so far and even more excited about what is yet to come in the future.



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