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Emmi Nuorgam chosen as one of the Top 50 Most Prominent Influencer Marketing Professionals


Emmi Nuorgam from Tampere, Finland is the first Finn who has been chosen on the global list of the most prominent influencer marketing professionals. Influencer TOP50 -list recognises the exceptional work of those that are steering the influencer industry with their thought leadership, innovation and creativity behind the influencer marketing industry. 

Emmi Nuorgam is a Sami responsibility influencer, societal conversationalist and do-gooder. For years, Nuorgam has been the face and target of online hate speech and misogyny. These frequent hate campaigns have made her an expert when it comes to issues regarding responsibility. According to Emmi Nuorgam equality and online responsibility derive from empathy, and that we all act in all of our roles as real and humane.

This year Nuorgam has been involved in the Finnish Government’s and Mediapooli’s #coronafacts project. Through the project almost 2000 social media influencers were harnessed to share reliable information about coronavirus to their followers. In the spring the campaign reached approximately 5 million impressions and the project gained worldwide recognition in e.g. Politico, Forbes and BBC. 

“I allege that influencer marketing will no longer exist in the future if we do not pay special attention to its responsibility and transparency. Alongside advertising, this also applies to influencers’ personal responsibility. It is important and extremely exceptional that this recognition was given to me particularly about the work I do regarding responsibility. For a long time, influencer marketing has only been viewed from the commercial viewpoint that looks at sales figures”, Nuorgam rejoices. 

“The #coronafacts project showed, that social media and influencers also have an important societal role. With the industry that is highly underrated and often dubbed as ‘little girls playing with lipstick’ we are able to reach results that without social media we could only dream about”, she wraps up.

Nuorgam has done long-term and persistent work with the responsibility and transparency of the influencer marketing industry. She has been developing the responsibility work of PING Helsinki ever since 2016, and been involved in e.g. the creation of the ethical code for social media influencers, the developing of an influencer festival that strives to move the industry forward, as well as composing the Handbook of a Reliable Social Media Influencer.

“Emmi is the pioneer of influential and responsible influencer marketing, and I am very glad that it was exactly her who got this recognition. The work Emmi does regarding responsible influencing is not limited only to the projects she does with PING Helsinki, rather she bravely brings up responsibility and diversity in everything she does while staying true to her own personal style”, describes Inna-Pirjetta Lahti, Founder of PING Helsinki. 

Influencer TOP50 list bases on wide conversations and results of influencer marketing campaigns. The list features a versatile selection of established leaders as well as newcomers in the industry. 

“To say that 2020 had an impact on influencer marketing is an understatement. Those that continue to innovate, create and steer the channel during what has been a challenging year is what makes the industry one that is agile, adaptable and highly creative and rewarding – as we have seen.” commented Joele Forrester, a digital journalist at Talking Influence.

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