Augmented Reality Arilyn AR

AR is here but will it blow your mind 2018?

Simply put, most likely yes. It has been predicted that Augmented Reality will become the next big mass media in just few years. It will be everywhere like the Internet itself and change profoundly the ways we humans work, consume and use the urban space. Augmented Reality moves people The great thing in Augmented Reality… Lue lisää
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PING Studio

How to find the right influencers?

At the latest PING studio event, we got down to the question: How to find the right influencers? Influencer marketing has arguably not shed a bit of importance over the years, yet grew into a more impactful marketing tool that opens up opportunities and challenges to both marketers but also to the influencers themselves. How… Lue lisää
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PING Festival

PING Festival – The story behind the event

During the past few weeks I’ve been discussing with many people about how PING Festival was born and what’s the idea behind our company. I thought it’s time to share the story with all of you. People – Interests – Networks – Gathering PING Helsinki’s goal is to bring together People with common Interests. We… Lue lisää
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About Purpose, Outer Space and Making Things ‘Avocado’

What’s PR? And why should anyone care about what you have to say? This blog post will probably get lost in outer space, right? Nobody will read it. Or if they do, they’ll quickly skim through it. After all, as the author of this article, I probably have only 20 seconds of your attention. If… Lue lisää
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Why is Helsinki home to the best business events in the world? Here are 8 Reasons.

Why is it that Helsinki is hosting all those amazing events that rock the world with innovation, badassness, creativity and the best speakers? An analysis. Slush, PING Helsinki, Nordic Business Forum – you name it – the worlds’ most remarkable events all share their home base, the Finnish Capital city of Helsinki. But how come?… Lue lisää
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#HelsinkiSecret Residence – unique experiences in the heart of Helsinki

Cooperation with DMOs and influencers has shifted from traditional media visits with tight schedules into trips where influencers really get to experience the destination. It also challenges influencers to find their own path through the city, explore and post things that they really find interesting. This idea is the inspiration behind the #HelsinkiSecret Residence.… Lue lisää
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Of working with influencers and then some

As Finns we tend to be very bad at being proud, but at Visit Finland here is what we are proud of; we know the ins and outs of working with social media influencers. We can spot the good ones, we know how to collaborate with them and we know how to use their content… Lue lisää
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Case Pyhä – most engaged Instagram picture from Finland this year?

In winter 2016 I conducted a social media marketing campaign for the Finnish ski resort Pyhä. Beside the campaign I made a post in Instagram (not related to the campaign itself). Nevertheless, it became one of the highlights of the trip. The picture went viral in Instagram: Over hundred featured re-posts with a massive 45 million follower… Lue lisää
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What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is an effective marketing method for reaching essential target groups and influencing their attitudes, knowledge and purchasing behaviour. The key element is to find the most suitable influencers who share the company’s values, interest the essential target groups and intermediate genuinely interesting content for the target groups. These influencers can keep a blog… Lue lisää
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