Creating ambassadors through Instagram – the #InstatripLV experience

2015 – the year we finally joined Instagram. Having no immediate budget to invest in ad solutions or hiring an agency, we concluded that human to human marketing was the way to go if we wanted any chance of recognition in the huge pool of competition among destinations. Therefore @enjoylatvia has been built entirely on… Lue lisää
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“The human aspect of digital media is one that I truly believe in” – an interview with Nick Westergaard

PING Festival 2018 is the leading digital Human 2 Human marketing event in Europe. The Festival program offers a wide scale of informative and inspiring talks from digital marketing experts around the world. The program is divided in 5 different theme Streams: Content, Transfomation, Emotios, Quality and Trust. Content Stream showcases the most jaw-dropping stories… Lue lisää
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There is this business event in Finland, where attendees get to network in a sauna

You can’t escape sauna culture in Finland. It’s an international stereotype that Finns spend a lot of their time in the sauna. It’s funny ‘cause it’s true. There are only 5,4 million Finns but 3,3 million saunas, which gives you an idea of the importance sauna has amongst the Finns. It’s a part of a… Lue lisää
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Communities in the digital age

Early February PING Helsinki was invited to London to represent our community at the Facebook Communities Summit, hosted by the social network to engage with the community leaders and learn about issues the communities face while managing their groups, pages and events. The summit reinforced what we at PING already consider to be the future of digital marketing –… Lue lisää
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Storytelling meets virtual reality – are you ready?

In the first PING Studio of 2018, we took a deep a dive into the art of storytelling in augmented and virtual reality. The keynote speech of the event was presented by Zoan’s CMO Laura Ala who covered the question in all of our minds; what should a marketer know about AR and VR? Is… Lue lisää
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PING Festival 2018

In 2018 queens do not have the power – we all do

On Christmas vacation I indulged myself with the popular series The Crown. It offers both an interesting peek into the court life and a review of recent history and development of the media in the last 70 years. It also offers insight on how we’ve been able to utilize influencer marketing for quite some time. Despite… Lue lisää
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This is why you should be at PING Festival 2018

“The most dangerous thing in life is playing it safe.” -Casey Neistat It is almost time for another round of PING Festival – the maddest, most fabulous and magical event of the year. The event where every avocado loving millennial is made feel like the most special of unicorns. Well, actually PING Festival is not… Lue lisää
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Augmented Reality Arilyn AR

AR is here but will it blow your mind 2018?

Simply put, most likely yes. It has been predicted that Augmented Reality will become the next big mass media in just few years. It will be everywhere like the Internet itself and change profoundly the ways we humans work, consume and use the urban space. Augmented Reality moves people The great thing in Augmented Reality… Lue lisää
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PING Studio

How to find the right influencers?

At the latest PING studio event, we got down to the question: How to find the right influencers? Influencer marketing has arguably not shed a bit of importance over the years, yet grew into a more impactful marketing tool that opens up opportunities and challenges to both marketers but also to the influencers themselves. How… Lue lisää
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