What is influencer marketing PING Festival 2018

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is an effective marketing method for reaching essential target groups and influencing their attitudes, knowledge and purchasing behaviour. The key element is to find the most suitable influencers who share the company’s values, interest the essential target groups and intermediate genuinely interesting content for the target groups. These influencers can keep a blog… Lue lisää
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Palvelumuotoilu vaikuttajien kanssa

Latest trend: Service design with influencers

By combining service design and influencer marketing it is possible to engage your target group into developing your business. We offer service design lead by influencers in cooperation with Embassy of Design.   Influencer is a shortcut to your clients Imagine that you get feedback concerning your new service idea from a thousand customers in… Lue lisää
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PING Helsinki kevät 2019 spring 2019

2019 in a nutshell: more versatile influencer cooperation and a bigger team for PING Helsinki

It’s hard to believe that we are already in the middle of the summer and the first six months of this year has passed. The spring of 2019 has been unique for PING Helsinki in many ways. Growth and new opportunities have appeared in many different occasions and we have been fortunate enough to execute… Lue lisää
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PING Studio tammikuussa 2019

Trust and integrity bring growth

Growth is the basis for success. This truth is probably familiar to everyone who has ever had something to do with business. No matter how simple this might sound, it’s not always so easy to actually make it happen. Especially when growth can mean different things to different people. We decided to dedicate our PING… Lue lisää
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Service design: the next level of influencer marketing

“Oh I wish I could stay here for an entire year.” This passing thought turned into an idea which turned into something even bigger: a whole adventure lasting one year! It goes by the name of #YearinClarion and it will begin in the beginning of this February when Joonas Pesonen (@pesojoonas), a 30-year-old social media… Lue lisää
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Five Tips on How to Succeed in Influencer Marketing 2019

Using influencers to boost your marketing isn’t necessarily anything new or revolutionary. Everyone’s favourite celebrities who tell stories about the brand have been the cornerstone for companies’ for years and years in reference marketing, sponsoring and event marketing as well. The rise of social media has made it possible to be more convincing, to reach… Lue lisää
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It’s all about data

In our December #PINGstudio, it was all about data. As an independent Slush side event, the morning event brought about 140 marketing-decision makers and creators together at Sofia Future Farm, to discuss the meaning of data in content marketing. Using data in your strategy is nothing new and not a fresh buzzword either, but for… Lue lisää
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Trust and passion are the keys in the future

Throughout the autumn we in PING Helsinki have been talking about two things: trust and the reliability of messages. And we haven’t been the only ones buzzing about these topics, which was visible in the Own Media –seminar organized by ProCom, the Finnish Association of Communication. One of the speakers in the event, Mikko Villi,… Lue lisää
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5 Winning Tactics For Working With Influencers

It’s November, which means that “trends for 2019” types of blog posts, videos and infographics are flooding the Internet. Out of curiosity, I checked the Google Trends for the terms “2019 Trends”. And as expected, among the key terms that were the most searched, “working with influencers” is one of the top ones.    … Lue lisää
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