Differences and similarities of Instagram Reels and TikTok, and how they can be used in influencer marketing

Instagram Reels vs. TikTok – and what they mean for influencer marketing

The popularity of TikTok keeps on increasing, especially among younger people. Our research from last spring showed that over half of 15-24-year-old Finns use TikTok at least once a month. Last year the number was only one in four. With the huge popularity of TikTok, copies of a similar platform have been popping up here, there… Lue lisää
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Why you as an influencer have a responsibility in the information you share

The current world is in a state of flux, and we live in an era of misinformation and fake news. The global Covid-19 pandemic dominates the news headlines, and international politics are the topic of many a coffee table conversation. The campaigning for the US presidential election is in full swing in preparation for the… Lue lisää
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How to get more collaborations on social media

On what criteria do brands pick influencers to collaborate with? How to get more exciting collaboration opportunities at social media, especially Instagram? We’ve listed our best tips to help you stand out from the crowd and maximize your opportunities for commercial collaborations! 1. Define your niche and post content on themes you would like to… Lue lisää
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Combating coronavirus together by sharing reliable information

This spring the Covid-19 pandemic shook the whole world. The novel virus and abnormal situation caused a lot of confusion, discussion and even fear among people. All kinds of information was spread in media. Updates to the latest diagnoses and quarantine situations took over coffee break discussions as well as magazine headlines. However, in uncertain… Lue lisää
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How to communicate about coronavirus on social media? 9 tips for social media influencers

Do not keep your mouth shut, but be sure to check the facts – Here are 9 tips on how to communicate about coronavirus on social media At the moment coronavirus is a hot topic you can’t avoid. Updates to the latest diagnoses and quarantine situations have taken over coffee break discussions as well as… Lue lisää
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Luotettava somevaikuttaja

Influencing through information is a significant problem among social media influencers

Last autumn we asked 58 Finnish and international social influencers about their views and experiences on disinformation and influencing through information. The vast majority sees disinformation and influencing through information as a significant problem among influencers and content creators.    According to the survey, 98% of social media influencers believe that also false information is… Lue lisää
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vaikuttajamarkkinoinnin trendit influencer marketing trends

Influencer marketing trends 2020 – The future of marketing is humane

“Authentic means talking to consumers like talking to your girlfriends” – Sara Blakely H2H – People are the media The marketing of the future is humane, and in 2020, the role of people as a medium will be emphasized. The comment above, heard at the Nordic Business Forum, led a one-woman garage business into a… Lue lisää
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sosiaalisen median vinkit get the most out of social media

How to get the most out of social media

In October’s PING Studio, we dived into the world of videos and different social media channels with our partners Videolle, Meltwater, Otavamedia and Allas Sea Pool.  The fully booked PING Studio was a success with more than 100 marketing professionals and influencers gathered together to learn, network and get inspired. #pingstudio was trending in social… Lue lisää
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canon generation z influencers

Case: Canon and Generation Z – Together at Tubecon

Canon was spectacularly presented at this year’s Tubecon, reaching out to generation Z. However, the project together with summer ambassadors and popular finnish YouTubers started a long before the actual event. The campaign was a success with a social media reach of over half a million. The purpose of this campaign was to raise awareness… Lue lisää
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