December 16, 2016
Welcome to PING Helsinki, a place where online influencers and influence marketing professionals meet! PING Helsinki is for companies struggling with content marketing and content providers struggling with different cooperation options. The key figures in our community are Finland’s best influence marketing experts.… Lue lisää
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Influencer marketing is an effective marketing method for reaching essential target groups and influencing their attitudes, knowledge and purchasing behaviour. The key element is to find the most suitable influencers who share the company’s values, interest the essential target groups and intermediate genuinely interesting content for the target groups. These influencers can keep a blog… Lue lisää
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PING Helsinki on riippumaton, koko vaikuttajamarkkinoinnin toimialan yhdistävä sarja tapahtumia sekä yhteisö, jonka rikkaus on erilaisissa näkökulmissa ja niiden törmäyttämisessä.